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What causes condensation & what are your options to eliminate the condensation?

When your window becomes foggy, it may be trying to tell you a few things. One of these is that your house may not be properly ventilated or you have a higher than normal moisture level in the house. This is more of a moisture issue than a window issue, but all the subtle signs can be seen on the window. It is important first to understand where the condensation is occurring before identifying its cause – whether it’s on the exterior, the interior, or in between the panes of glass.  We take care of all types of residential glass repairs and installations so you don’t have to worry about drafts, rot, mould, or higher energy bills!

It condenses on the outside when the temperature inside the house falls below the temperature outside – for example, on a hot, humid day. Moisture condensation occurs on the coldest surface on the glass, outside or inside. When the tables turn, and it is colder outside, you will see moisture condensing on the inside of the glass surface.

When temperatures dip below the freezing point, you may see condensation or frost on the inside of the window. If this is left unattended for long, the moisture may cause mildew, mold, and over time, potentially rotting of the wood sills. This is common in older homes, especially with single glazed, aluminum framed windows. To protect your property from damage, let us help you with the moisture in the house as soon as possible, as this will prevent further damage that can be costly to repair later on.

Your window may also be trying to tell you that the seal of your double paned window (sealed unit) has failed, and is allowing moisture to get in between the two panes of glass.  You have 2 choices to fix this.  You can either have us install a new sealed unit; replacing the existing failed one.   Our new sealed units come with a standard 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.   Or, if you have the older, aluminum style frames, you may opt to upgrade your windows and install the newer vinyl framed replacements.  When you install a newer, energy efficient window, it not only affects the cosmetics & aesthetics of your home, it will also improve your heating bill and energy efficiency of your furnace.  Our vinyl windows, manufactured by Milgard ™, come with a lifetime warranty on all components of the window, including failure of the sealed units.  You can check out their website at for more information as well.

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