Windshield Chip Repair In Mission BC

Do you have a rock chip in your windshield? Come see us to repair your chipped windshield before it spreads. If you get this treated right away, you can prevent the chip from spreading the entire length of your windshield! Its a quick and very cost effective process than can save you from having to pay your deductible any sooner than you absolutely have to. The diagram below shows you the four most common types of windshield damage that can be easily repaired by our trained technicians.

Bulls eye, half moon and star shaped chips can typically be repaired, as can holes in your windshield, but larger cracks usually mean the windshield has to be replaced. Our team will assess your windshields damage and recommend the appropriate course of action. Our trained technicians are experts in determining whether or not windshield replacement is necessary to maintain the safety and integrity
of this critical component.

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